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to the Behavioural Science institute. We study many aspects of human behaviour, and apply this knowledge to societal challenges. Our research is focused on three core themes:

Development & Learning

Development and Learning

Psychopathology, Health & Well-being

Psychopathology, Health & Well-being

Social processes & Communication

Social Processes and Communication


Open positions

Full Professor of Pedagogical Science (Learning Problems) (0,8 - 1,0 fte)

Full Professor of Educational Science (0,8 - 1,0 fte)

Esther Kluwer appointed to special chair of Sustainable Relationships and Wellbeing

Esther will spend one day a week at the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) to foto_echt_mooij_fotografie Esther Kluwerconduct research on sustainable partnerships. This special teaching and research remit primarily focuses on what makes a partnership last and on how to improve strained relationships.

Veni award for dr. Inge Molenaar

NWO logo Inge Molenaar

Dr. Inge Molenaar is granted with a Veni award for her research on facilitating self-regulated learning in adaptive educational technologies

Adaptive educational technologies are increasingly used in primary education. These technologies adjust educational material to the performance of students. The proposed research investigates how students learn with adaptive educational technologies and under which conditions personalized visualizations aid students to improve their learning.

Boyd McCandless Award for Willem Frankenhuis

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This award recognizes young scientists who have made distinguished contributions to developmental psychology.

Do top athletes benefit from power naps?

Despite strong belief in the effectiveness of power napping among top athletes, there is very little scientific evidence for the degree to which power napping actually contributes to recovery and top performance. Radboud University, NOC*NSF and M line launch a new four-year research project entitled ‘SLEEP FOR GOLD’, aimed at studying and analyzing the effects of power napping in detail.

Letterprins: A Reading Game

Jeditha Letterprins #4850AE

We developed an app that helps children improve their reading skills. Click HERE for a short clip.

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