Dr. A. Größler

Andreas Groessler

Andreas Größler

NSM, Business Administration, Methodology


Phone number:
+31(24) 361 62 87

Visiting address:
Thomas van Aquinostraat 1.1.39

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 9108, 6500 HK NIJMEGEN

Dr. Andreas Größler is an Associate Professor at the Methodology Department of Nijmegen School of Management.

Current research
My current research focuses on the sustainable and behavioural operations management, dynamic decision making and strategy dynamics.

I teach undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses.

Methods of Research and Intervention (IBA Bachelor 1.1)
Business Analysis for Responsible Organizations (Bachelor 2.2)
Intervention Methodology (Bachelor 3.1)
Computer Simulation Models and Organizational Decision Making (Master BAM/ System Dynamics)
Dynamics of Business Strategy (Master BAM/ System Dynamics and elective)
Coordination of Master's Thesis in BAM/EMSD

Editorial work/ review activities

  • Editor of System Dynamics Review (Wiley)
  • Editor of Operations Management Research (Springer)
  • Reviewing for various operations management and methodology journals.

Administrative responsibilities and community service

  • Coordinator of the master specialization BAM/EMSD in business administration
  • Member of the Education Board of usiness administration at the Nijmegen School of Management
  • Member of the advisory board of the ResOrg PhD programme
  • Member of the board of the European Operations Management Association.

Key scientific publications

Philipp Wunderlich, Andreas Größler, Nicole Zimmermann and Jac Vennix (2014). Managerial Influence on the Diffusion of Innovations within Intra-organizational Networks. System Dynamics Review, in print.

Andreas Größler, Bjørge Timenes Laugen, Afonso Fleury and Rebecca Arkader (2013). Differences in Sourcing Strategies between Companies in Emerging and in Developed Markets. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 33 (3), 296–321.

Jürgen Strohhecker and Andreas Größler (2013). Do Personal Traits Influence Inventory Management Performance?–The case of intelligence, personality, interest and knowledge. International Journal of Production Economics, 142 (3), 37–50.

Jürgen Strohhecker and Andreas Größler (2012). Implementing Sustainable Business Strategies, System Research and Behavioral Science, 29 (6), 547–570.

Andreas Größler and Alexander Zock (2010). Supporting Long-term Workforce Planning with a Dynamic Aging Chain Model - a case study from the service industry. Human Resource Management, 49 (5), 829-848.

Andreas Größler (2010). The Development of Strategic Manufacturing Capabilities in Emerging and Developed Markets. Operations Management Research, 3 (1): 60-67.

Andreas Größler, Jörn-Henrik Thun & Peter M. Milling (2008). System Dynamics as a Structural Theory of Strategic Issues in Operations Management. Production and Operations Management, 17 (3), 373-384.

Andreas Größler, Tobias Löpsinger, Myrjam Stotz & H. Wörner (2008). Analyzing Price and Product Strategies with a Comprehensive System Dynamics Model - A case study from the capital goods industry. Journal of Business Research, 61 (11), 1136-1142.

Andreas Größler, André Grübner and Peter Milling (2006). Organisational Adaptation Processes to External Complexity. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 26 (3), 254-281.