The Donders Discussions is an international, two-day Cognition and Neuroscience conference for and by PhD students. It takes place in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Join us October 30th and 31st for two days of fun and thought-provoking interaction with your peers.

Open day Research Master Cognitive Neuroscience

open day dgcn november 10 a

If you want to attend the Open Day on November 10th, 2014, please send an email to

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The Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour at Radboud University is a leading centre of research expertise with a strong international reputation. Our scientific output is prolific and renowned for its quality.

Over 600 researchers work here on unravelling the mechanisms of the brain. Our research includes cognition and behaviour in humans as well as on the neuronal substrate, including the genetic, molecular and cellular processes that underlie cognition and behaviour. Within this range we focus on four main themes:

Donders Scientific Integrity

The Donders Institute deems any action that violates the principles of research integrity, as laid out in its Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice, as "research misconduct". For instance, fabrication or falsification of data, and plagiarism are considered major misconduct, about which the Donders contact persons on Scientific Integrity should be informed. The following policy is in place for this kind of cases.


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The Donders Wonders blog features background articles, columns, opinion pieces and science experiments you can try at home. The blog posts are written by a team of enthusiastic PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. For now, blog is only in Dutch, but there are plans for an English version.