Director of the Donders Institute Guillén Fernández
Director of the Donders Institute Guillén Fernández
Roshan Cools, the 'new' neuroscientist
Roshan Cools, the 'new' neuroscientist
Tansu Celikel: 'Making Sense of Sensation'
Simon Fisher: 'Genes as windows into human biology'

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The Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour is a world-class research centre devoted to understanding the mechanistic underpinnings of human cognition and behavior in health and disease. The Institute is home to more than 600 researchers from 35 countries who share the common goal of contributing to the advancement of the brain-, cognitive- and behavioral sciences through investigator-driven research, and improving health, education and technology by applying advances in this field. The Institute’s mission includes conducting interdisciplinary research of excellence at the unique interface between genetic, molecular and cellular processes at one end and computational, system-level neuroscience with cognitive and behavioral analysis at the other end. Within this range we focus on four research themes:

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Ig Nobel Prize for 'Huh?'

Researchers of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics have won the Ig Nobel Prize for showing that the expression 'Huh?' may, in fact, be a universal expression. Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded for studies that make the reader laugh and then think.

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