MA North American Studies

The world loves American culture, but is deeply distrustful of American power and politics. In Nijmegen, we offer critical insights into both. Our Master's programme gives students the opportunity to acquire solid expertise in relation to the concept of ‘America' in a variety of fields: US history, literature, culture (including popular culture, film, theatre and art) as well as political history, foreign policy, constitutional law, religion and social science. Nijmegen distinguishes itself from other American Studies programmes through its emphasis on the cultural and political relations between the United States, its neighbours and Europe.

Programs in the Master's in North American Studies
The Master's in North American Studies offers two programs:
• Literatures and Cultures of North America in International Perspective
• Transnational America: Politics, Culture and Society

Study American issues with an interdisciplinary view
True to the tradition of American Studies, our programme teaches students to approach issues from different angles and to think in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary ways. We also offer excellent internships, thanks to our global network. Furthermore, we are the only university in the Netherlands to teach oral communication skills in the American language throughout our Bachelor's programme, so students who go on to study for a Master's degree have unique, near-native language abilities.

High level of communication in American English
In Nijmegen, you will find yourself in a dynamic learning environment where the level of scholarship and communication in (American) English is extremely high. This is one of the reasons why our programs are so popular. Another is the choice Nijmegen offers between two fascinating fields within which you can create your own custom-made program: ‘Literatures and Cultures of North America in International Perspective' and ‘Transnational America: Politics, Culture and Society.'

Best program in American Studies in The Netherlands
The Master's was recently rated as the number one program in its field in the 2011/2012 national Elsevier's survey realised among Master's students in the Netherlands.

Photograph by Anoek Bleumer

Photograph by Bert Beelen