The Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (ISIS) is a special organisational unit of the Faculty of Science. ISIS was established in 2005. Our mission is to analyse, assess and improve the societal embedding of science and technology, through research, education and communication, in close collaboration with the other Institutes of the Faculty of Science. Important research themes are Social-Ecological Transformations and Emerging Technologies and Responsible Research.

We live in a knowledge society. Scientific, technological and societal developments are closely interrelated. This not only results in the emergence of new technologies (ICT, genomics, nanotechnology), but also affects our self-image, the ways in which we see ourselves in relationship with the world around us. Science and technology clearly have a profound influence on society, but the reverse is also true: society significantly shapes the ways in which science and technology evolve. Understanding the co-evolution of science, technology and society has become one of the core objectives of the Faculty of Science. ISIS brings together a group of experts coming from various disciplines and backgrounds (science, social science, science studies and philosophy), combining forces to achieve critical mass and focus in research and education at the interface of science, technology and society.