Visual Computation

We tend to trust our eyes, believing them to be reliable purveyors of information about our visual environment. In truth, however, the signals they produce from moment to moment are noisy and incomplete. How do we 'decide' what we see based on such limited and uncertain information? What brain mechanisms underlie this ability? What neural computations allow us to improve the reliability of sensory information and make better visual decisions? Our lab uses a combination of neuroimaging (fMRI), computational modeling and visual psychophysics to address these and other questions regarding the neural basis of human vision.

Research Group
Visual Computation

Principal Investigator
Dr. J.F.M. Jehee

Group members

James Cooke
Ilona Bloem

PhD candidates
Yuxan Dai

Leni Wei

Doctoral Network Grant Support
Jasper Uijttenboogaart


Location 024-3610651
Postbus 9101