Industrial Partnerships

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ELLIS knows that collaboration between industry and academia is key to bringing Europe to the forefront of developments in machine learning and AI. Through the sponsorship program, ELLIS focuses on creating and deepening these connections and strengthening initiatives to train the next generation of researchers, retain top talent in Europe, push technical innovation, and respond to urgent challenges in the field.

Our Focus:
ELLIS believes in cultivating and supporting a diverse and interactive ecosystem around research in machine learning-driven fields in order to bring Europe to the forefront of developments in fundamental science, technical innovation and societal impact. Our vision is for Europe to shape how machine learning and AI change the world by connecting outstanding research hot-spots and facilitating collaboration and exchange within these highly developed ecosystems.

There are several ways to cooperate with the ELLIS Unit Nijmegen:

- Internships or fellowships;

- Submitting a project proposal for our ELLIS Excellence fellowship;

- Designing research challenges together for students and/or PhD candidates;

- Explore research options to match fundamental machine learning technologies for industrial application;

If you are interested in offering an internship please contact: Secretary AI To explore further possibilities please contact Elise Hermans. Another possibility to explore is becoming a sponsor of the general ELLIS network.