Call for Applications: ELISE Travel Grants for PhD and Postdoc Researchers

Are you a PhD student or postdoctoral researcher looking to enhance your academic journey and foster collaborations within the ELISE/ELLIS networks or expand the network? We are thrilled to announce the ELISE Mobility Travel Grants, designed to empower young researchers to work alongside top scholars abroad.

The PhD and Postdoc Mobility Program is tailored specifically for existing PhD students and postdocs within the ELISE/ELLIS networks who aspire to initiate collaborative projects abroad. This program serves as a unique opportunity to broaden your research horizons, gain invaluable insights, and nurture cross-disciplinary collaborations. The program can fund visits from Nijmegen to any other ELLIS Unit as well as visits from other ELLIS Units to Nijmegen.

Key Details

  • Eligibility: Existing PhD students and postdoctoral researchers within the ELISE/ELLIS networks. Your exchange is supported by one advisor from the Nijmegen ELLIS Unit and one advisor from another ELLIS Unit. Each advisor should be Ellis Member, Scholar or Fellow.
  • Objective: Stimulate collaboration and knowledge exchange across the network.
  • Duration: The Travel Grant covers travel costs up to 2,500 EUR per researcher over the course of their PhD or postdoc (might be split into multiple visits).

Application Process

  1. Review the eligibility criteria and guidelines available at
  2. Develop a proposal outlining your research objectives and potential collaboration at the hosting institute.
  3. Submit your application (see below for more details) via email to
  4. Applications will first be reviewed by Nijmegen ELLIS Unit members, and are subsequently reviewed by a panel of experts within the ELISE network. To allow for the most flexible stays abroad, there is no fixed deadline. The application should be submitted to later than 2 months before the starting date of the visit, as they need to be processed by our university’s and the ELISE administration.

Application Documents

  • CV
  • Letter of your recent supervisor supporting your stay abroad
  • Letter of the supervisor at the hosting institute supporting the stay and guaranteeing you access etc.
  • 1-page proposal outlining your research objectives and potential collaborations at the hosting institute

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to broaden your academic horizons and foster meaningful collaborations within the ELISE/ELLIS networks. We encourage all eligible PhD students and postdocs to apply and make the most of this exciting program!

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!