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At Nijmegen ELLIS unit, we have over 30 years of experience in machine learning research and have a longstanding tradition of applied machine learning research in various domains. Our expertise entails:

  • Machine learning and causal discovery, with applications in amongst others, healthcare, physics and the physical sciences,, neuroscience, and industry driven applications
  • Brain-inspired computing and development of statistical machine learning techniques with concrete applications in cutting edge neuroscience
  • Understanding the computational aspects of machine learning using concepts and methods from theoretical physics and quantum machine learning
  • Interpretable machine learning, Bayesian and information-theoretic inference methods for extremely high-dimensional data
  • Deep and transfer learning for medical image analysis and kernel methods for Gaussian Processes to perform long-term forecasting
  • Deep machine learning for medical image analysis and computer-aided diagnostics
  • Multimedia analysis, including speech and language processing and computer vision; recommender systems; and information retrieval