ELLIS Excellence Fellows Spring 2022: Yannick Hogewind, Bruno Jerkovic, Loes van Bemmel, Giorgia Corrado, Maksim Popov


"In March 2022 I got accepted into the ELLIS Excellence Fellowship for Radboud Master Students. When I received the email with a confirmation I could not believe my eyes. I was extremely excited and scared at the same time because I knew this would represent a great opportunity for me but I felt the pressure of performing beyond my capabilities.

From the beginning, I found a friendly and welcoming environment. Every Wednesday the other four ELLIS fellows and I meet at the top of the Erasmus building (with an amazing view) and work on our own projects. Every now and then we take small breaks which represent bonding moments since we share our own experiences, struggles, and achievements.

Being a member of the ELLIS Unit not only pushes towards improving technical skills but also encourages working on soft skills by giving presentations, organizing events, promoting the program, and building a network with the other students and the ELLIS unit members. In particular, roughly every month we are required to give presentations about the project's current status.

Working on the project itself is not really different from working on a Master’s thesis. However, being part of the ELLIS unit allows us, students, to not be alone during the whole process and face all the achievements and failures together thus, making the transition to the academic world more fun!"

- Giorgia Corrado, ELLIS Excellence Fellow Spring 2022