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AI and Risks of Discrimination: can the law protect people?

Friday 15 March 2024Add to my calendar
15:00 to
Huygens building

Prof. Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius is researching the legal challenges of AI and the risks of discrimination associated with it. In recent years, it has become evident that AI systems can also have discriminatory effects.

Consider a facial recognition system that does not work well for people with darker skin tones, a translation service that generates stereotypical texts, or a CV selection system that disproportionately favours male candidates without a valid basis. How can we develop systems that minimize unintended and unjustified distinctions between groups of people?

Existing laws partially protect citizens against this discrimination. Useful rules are included in general non-discrimination law, and soon, a number of rules will be codified in the new European AI regulation. This regulation, the world's first comprehensive AI law, contains rules for the use of artificial intelligence in the EU.

However, these rules also leave gaps. New regulations are needed to better protect people against unfair differentiation. In his lecture Prof. Zuiderveen Borgesius will show that current laws can only partially protect citizens and will highlight the pitfalls of AI legislation regarding discrimination. This lecture will be held in Dutch.

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