ICAI: The Labs - AI for Computer Vision

Thursday 6 October 2022Add to my calendar
12:00 to


On 6th of October between 12:00 and 13:00, ‘ ICAI: The Labs’ will have a meetup on AI for computer vision in the Netherlands. The QUVA Lab and Thira Lab will each present their work and discuss challenges and developments in this field.

The QUVA Lab is the collaboration between Qualcomm and the University of Amsterdam. The mission of the QUVA-lab is to perform world-class research on deep vision. Such vision strives to automatically interpret with the aid of deep learning what happens where, when and why in images and video.

The Thira Lab is a collaboration between Thirona, Delft Imaging Systems and Radboud UMC. The mission of the lab is to perform world-class research to strengthen healthcare with innovative imaging solutions.


  • 12.00 - Opening
  • 12:05 - Introduction of the QUVA Lab by Yuki Asano (UvA)
  • 12:10 - Philip Lippe (UvA) presents: “CITRUS: Causal Identifiability from Temporal Sequences with Interventions”
  • 12:25 - Keelin Murphy (Radboudumc) introduces the Thira Lab and presents “BabyChecker: AI-assisted ultrasound for maternal care in low-resource settings”
  • 12.45 - Discussion of what’s next in AI in Computer Vision in the Netherlands
  • 13:00 - End

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