PhD Pizza Party

Wednesday 28 September 2022Add to my calendar
16:00 to
Eramus Building 20th floor

We are always looking for new initiatives to bring our AI community together. So apart from our Seasonal Cafes, ELLIS meet-ups and the occasional workshops and trainings, we need your input to make the space work for you. Join us on the 28th of September at the 20th floor of the Erasmusbuilding for our first PhD and postdoc Pizza party. You enjoy some free pizza, we get to pick your brain to help us organize events that you enjoy! Get yourself familiar with the space where the Radboud AI community meets every Wedneday.

Are you stuck with writing your grant proposal? Why not meet with one of the Grant advisors. Or are you thinking about starting a spin-off? Set up a meeting with one of our business managers. They will be available every Wednesday on rotation together with our external and internal project coordinators. Do you want to set up a meeting with those interested in your broader research theme and scout if there is room for collaboration from perhaps unexpected colleagues of different faculties? Feel free to send us an email and we will see what we can organise for you.

Our internal team, whih takes care of all internal communication and organises events, will be present to answer your questions and brainstorm with you. We hope to see you on the 28th of September and many more Wednesdays after that!