14 million euro NWO CrossOver-grant for neurotechnology

Date of news: 12 December 2019

An NWO Crossover-grant has been given to INTENSE, a project of the NeuroTech-NL consortium. INTENSE is short for 'Innovative NeuroTEchNology for SociEty', and revolves around developing brain implants to improve the lives of people who are blind, deaf or paralysed, or are epileptic.

The project is being led by Pieter Roelfsema from the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. At Radboud University, Marcel van Gerven and Yagmur Güçlütürk will be involved with the AI-aspects of the research, while Richard van Wezel and Karin Roelofs will be leading the work programme psychology.

The research combines the greatly increased knowledge about our brains with new possibilities, with the purpose of finding new solutions and options. INTENSE will recieve a grant totaling 14.3 million euros.

More about NWO Crossover

The Crossover programme is a new initiative of NWO, and the INTENSE project is one of the first of five to be approved in the current round. This programme is part of NWO’s contribution to the 2018-2019 Knowledge and Innovation Contract. With this contract, government, industry and knowledge institutes are underscoring the top sectors’ ambitions to strengthen the Dutch knowledge and innovation system. Compared with the 'standard' public-private partnerships, the intended projects in the Crossover Programme cover a wider palette of top sectors and other research agendas.