Introducing: our new ELLIS Excellence Fellows

Date of news: 24 March 2022

We are very excited to announce that the ELLIS unit Nijmegen has selected five students for the newly developed excellence fellowship program for the spring of 2022. This fellowship focuses on students interested in an academic career and have the ambition to write a paper alongside their master thesis by working on a research project with our ELLIS unit members. These students have been selected by members of the ELLIS unit Nijmegen for their academic excellence, and willingness to take on an extra and exciting challenge for the next 6 months.

Our excellence fellows will join us every Wednesday at our Radboud AI/ELLIS location at the 20th floor of the Erasmus building,  and will help us organize some events for the ELLIS unit. Feel free to join us on Wednesdays and get to know our excellence fellows, unit members, grants advisors and business developers better. Just send an email to Elise Hermans (

If you want to know more about our excellence fellowship please send an email to:

Our students will be guided and advised by a fantastic set of faculty members : Tom Heskes, Gabriel Bucur, Yulia Shapovalova, Martha Larson, Nils Jansen, Pablo Lanillos and Luca Ambrogioni.

We are thrilled to introduce (from left to right): Maksim Popov, Bruno Jerkovic, Loes van Bemmel, Yannick Hogewind, and Giorgia Corrado!