New activities recognised with the NL AIC Label aiming to strengthen the AI landscape

Date of news: 5 April 2022

2022-04-05 (1)

To reinforce our vision on the development and application of Artificial Intelligence in the Netherlands, the Dutch AI Coalition has developed the NL AIC Label. An NL AIC Label formally recognises an activity and/or the quality of that activity in line with the aims and strategic goals of the Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC).

New activities recognized with the NL AIC Label

We are proud to announce that the following activities are now recognised with the NL AIC Label. These are the 9 new ELSA Labs that the NL AIC believes meet the criteria set for research and development of the Ethical (E), Legal (L), and Societal (S) Aspects (A) of AI applications in an ELSA lab. The goal of these ELSA Labs is to work with residents, companies, knowledge institutions and the government to investigate how AI can help shape our society. The recognized labs are:

  • ELSA Lab AI for Sustainable Food Systems
  • ELSA Lab Defence
  • ELSA Lab Meaningful Human Control Over Public AI Systems
  • ELSA Lab Northern Netherlands
  • ELSA Lab Citizens and Society in the Energy Transition
  • ELSA Lab Intelligent and Inclusive Mobility
  • ELSA Lab AI Digital Culture and Media
  • ELSA Lab AI4access
  • ELSA Lab Sport Data Valley

“We would like to congratulate these ELSA Labs on having their activities recognized with the NL AIC Label,” says Emile Aarts, chairman of the Human Centric AI working group of the NL AIC, “and we look forward to sharing valuable knowledge and experiences with them and the other ELSA Labs to create a fast learning curve on the responsible application of AI".

Strengthening the Dutch AI landscape

The NL AIC Label is meant for activities that strengthen the Netherlands through research, education, and innovation in and with AI. An activity refers to a public-private partnership with a multi-year duration. These avtivities can be designed as a program, project, a lab, or a community that reinforces the objectives of the Dutch AI Coalition. A labeled activity:

  • Strengthens and broadens collective knowledge about AI in the Netherlands;
  • Creates a solution to AI challenges faced by many;
  • Accelerates responsible AI innovations and implementations in a broad context;
  • Helps cooperation and connections throughout the value chain;
  • Helps get all the relevant parties involved and cooperating (the quadruple helix).

The NL AIC is aiming to strengthen the AI landscape in the Netherlands, with the goal of letting the country reap the economic and social benefits of AI and become one of the international frontrunners. To that end, numerous projects and programmes will be carried out in AI over the coming years. These initiatives can originate from within the NL AIC itself or can equally well originate elsewhere.