Studio Oost NL: How can SMEs get started with AI?

Date of news: 7 April 2023

2023-04-07 (1)

Artificial Intelligence has an increasing impact on business across sectors. How do we ensure that SMEs can also get started with AI? What opportunities does the technology offer? And how does it serve the business and its customers? We will discuss this in episode 4 of Studio Oost NL.

Studio Oost NL is a short talk show & podcast in which we look at the challenges and opportunities of the food, health, tech and energy & circular sectors of the Netherlands. In this episode Oost NL colleague Chris Willemsen, together with Tom Heskes, Professor of Data Science at Radboud University, discusses the opportunities for SMEs and the services of AI Hub Oost-Nederland. In addition, investment manager Matthijs Berkelaar and entrepreneur Raymond Wentink of Singa BV make a guest appearance.

The podcast is only available in Dutch. This episode and previous episodes can be found here.