AI into practice: prostate biopsy diagnostics

  • Radboud University/ Radboudumc: Geert Litjens, Jeroen van der Laak, Katrien Grünberg
  • External partners: Patrick de Boer, David Tellez, Wouter Bulten (Patholyt), Utrecht Medical Center, Linköping University Hospital, Sectra Medical, Qserve Group.

The field of pathology is undergoing a revolution: from analog microscopes to digital imaging. This transition requires heavy upfront investments and is partly driven by the promise of AI to improve the workflow through an increase in quality, consistency and efficiency, and a decrease in costs. The growing worldwide shortage of pathologists and a focus on reducing healthcare costs raises concerns about the accessibility of high-quality pathology diagnostics. Radboudumc and Patholyt aim to prospectively validate the algorithm for AI-assisted prostate cancer grading within clinical diagnostics in multiple centers in Europe. To build toward this goal, this AI voucher project will consist of three phases: 1. The AI solution for prostate cancer will be integrated into the Sectra PACS clinical diagnostics system installed in Radboudumc. 2. Radboudumc will conduct a pilot reader study to test the previous integration and provide feedback from technicians and pathologists. 3. An international public-private consortium will be created to design a study protocol to investigate the impact of AI-powered solutions for prostate cancer grading integrated into the clinical workflow.