Research Groups

Different research groups within the Radboud University are working on AI related topics.

Analytical Chemistry

AC completely focuses on data analysis (chemometrics). They conduct research on methods which can obtain relevant information from chemical data.

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Artificial Cognitive Systems

This research group studies the computational principles that underlie natural intelligence and uses these principles in the development of general-purpose artificial intelligence

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Brain (Inspired) Computing

This group studies formal properties of novel brain-inspired computer architectures, with as ultimate goals to understand why the brain is so energy-efficient; to construct energy-lean algorithms for neuromorphic processors, and to know what problems are inherently energy-greedy to solve.

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Brain Computer Interfacing

Brain Computer interfaces detect covert mental activity (often on the basis of single trials) and use that to control a device or present feedback.


Centre for Language and Speech Technology (CLST)

This centre has multiple groups working on speech technology, particularly on fundamental ASR technology and speech data. They have an expertise in the integration of rule-based and statistical processing of written language.

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Cognitive Computational Neuroscience

The Kietzmann lab aims to understand the computational processes by which the brain and artificial agents can efficiently and robustly derive meaning from the world around us.

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Data Science

Research concerns machine learning and AI in general, with applications in (among others) natural sciences, health, information retrieval, and industry.

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Diagnostic Image Analysis Group (DIAG)

The DIAG develops computer algorithms to aid clinicians in the interpretation of medical images and thereby improve the diagnostic process.

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Dynamic and naturalistic cognitive neuroscience

In the Dynamic and Naturalistic Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory, they investigate the dynamics of brain function over different timescales. On the timescale of the lifespan they explore how brain function dynamically reorganizes with age and with declines in brain structure.

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Foundations of Intelligent Technology

The group studies the foundations of intelligent behaviour in technology and artificial agents, including, for example, social and industrial robots, and autonomous vehicles.

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Physics of Machine Learning and Complex Systems

This group is focused on the development of mathematical methods from statistical physics and information theory to modelling, inference, quantum computation, and statistical/ interpretable AI.

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Social Human Agent Interactions (sHAI)

The sHAI group studies the interaction between humans and ‘social’ AI systems such as robots, virtual agents and chatbots. This topic is investigated both from a technical and from a psychological perspective.

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