For Society

Bringing our knowledge to society is one of the top priorities at the Radboud University. Our researchers work together with society to implement and integrate our research in real life and help our society grow.

What is AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which refers to intelligence that is artificially crafted, mostly by the hand of humans. AI is mostly used to describe intelligent computers and systems that gain intelligence because of algorithms. Algorithms can be considered recipe cards for computers. You can compare it with a manual, telling computers what data they need and what they have to do with that. An algorithm is written in a language that a computer can read and interpret which is called a programming language or code.


AI in day to day life

Currently researchers are working on self-learning algorithms. These clever algorithms don’t need human input but can optimize themselves to get the best result. The best result is defined by the programmer and can refer to the best efficiency, speed, accuracy or all of the above. There are multiple ways to create a self-learning algorithm that can result in an intelligent system. In general, AI is used to describe an overall intelligence – similar to human intelligence, both emotionally, intellectually and contextually. It is fair to say the world has not yet succeeded in creating such intelligence, but researchers and scientists are working every day to create more intelligent systems which already make our lives easier. Think of a navigation app, unlocking your phone with your face or even something as normal as social media.