AI for Life podcasts


AI applications are being used more and more in our daily lives.

They analyze medical images, they speak to you (chatbots), they read and respond to your emotions, they filter meaningful information from enormous data mountains, they control robots in healthcare ...

In this series of podcasts 'AI for Life' top experts tell about the latest developments in AI, which they are shaping themselves here and now.

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Recent episodes:

31/08/2023 - Episode#12: Population screening for lung cancer

07/06/2022 - Episode#11: Adaptive learning

03/03/2022 - Episode#10: Will Siri speak Frisian soon?

22/11/2021 - Episode#9: Real life data for more effective health interventions

20/09/2021 - Episode#8: MI-robot: tumors in pictures

28/06/2021 - Episode#7: Computational pathology

12/04/2021 - Episode#6: Self-learning algorithms

07/01/2021 - Episode#5: When is virtual realistic enough?

12/11/2020 - Episode#4: How can AI benefit Parkinson's patients?

22/10/2020 - Episode#3: AI and genetics

06/10/2020 - Episode#2: Robots in healthcare

10/07/2020 - Episode#1: AI and medical imaging