National A.I. Course

National AI Course
The initiators hope to reach one percent of the Dutch population with the online course. "Artificial intelligence is no longer music for the future. It is interwoven in all aspects of daily life, "said promoter Jim Stolze. "From (almost) self-driving cars to the newsfeed of the ubiquitous Facebook. Everything that we have previously provided with a plug can eventually become a self-learning system. "

Under the hood
The course is deliberately aimed at all Dutch people, says Stolze. "How does it work under the hood? Who is responsible for it? How do you prevent algorithms from contributing to increasing inequality or, on the contrary, creating unity sausage? Crucial questions! In the Netherlands everyone has an opinion, but few people have read this matter. By offering a basic course to all Dutch people, we can at least enter the discussions in a well-informed manner. "

The course is based on a similar initiative in Finland, supplemented by contributions from top Dutch experts. Participants at Radboud University are Pim Haselager (Donders Institute for Brain Cognition and Behavior), lawyer Roel Schutgens and AI specialist Tom Heskes. The starting signal was a call from Stolze in May 2018, which to his surprise unleashed a lot of enthusiasm in the Dutch AI community. 'Thanks to the large number of participating parties, we can probably achieve our goal: to make everyone in the Netherlands familiar with the phenomenon called AI. There is so much talk about it, we will just do it with this course. "