Supervised by Wilco Verberk

Most of my research focusses on effects of temperature and oxygen, sometimes in interaction with other factors (food availability, day length). Below I have listed students that have completed a topic under my supervision, which can be used to get an overview of the range and breadth of topics that I supervise. If you are interested in working on a topic similar to the ones indicated below, contact me to discuss the possibilities for supervision.

2019       Suzanne van Dinten (BSc student, internship, co-supervised with Félix Leiva) The consequences of cell size on the sensitivity for oxygen and food limitation for different stocks of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. 2 months.

2019       Anne Verkerk (BSc student, internship, co-supervised with Maryam Semsar-kazarouni) The influence of photoperiod and temperature on the development, growth, and body size of Lycaena phlaeas. 2 months.

2019       Daniel Dekker (BSc student, internship, co-supervised with Iris vd Pol) Effects of triploidy and temperature on swimming performance, growth and development of larval zebrafish (Danio rerio). Does (cell) size matter? 2 months.

2019       Lotte Bonekamp (BSc student, internship, co-supervised with Iris vd Pol) Effects of temperature on growth, development and gene expression of larval zebrafish with different ploidy levels. 2 months.

2019       Mirthe Weijers (BSc student, internship) The Influence of Photoperiod on the Growth Rate and Development of the Small Copper, Lycaena phlaeas. 2 months.

2018       Nadja Verspagen (MSc student, internship) The influence of cell size on thermal tolerance in Drosophila melanogaster? 6 months.

2018       Nadja Verspagen (MSc student, essay) The effect of environmental, biological and phylogenetic effects on critical oxygen tension in fish. 1 month.

2018       Bart Saris (BSc student, internship) The effects of activity and temperature on metabolic scaling in ectothermic animals. 2 months.

2018       Lucy Oliviers (BSc student, internship) Studying the effects of starvation, heat shock and water quality on the respiration of Gammarus fossarum. 2 months.

2018       Mischa Heijselaar (MSc student, essay) The cross-tolerant induction of thermal tolerance as a result of starvation stress; a systematic literature review. 1 month.

2018       Willemijn Vos(MSc student, internship) Biofilter activity and bioenergetics of juvenile common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in Recirculation aquaculture system (RAS). 6 months.

2017       Evelien Nevenzeel (MSc student, internship) Orthopteran in the Upper Engadin Densities Described by Vegetation and Climatic Aspects along an Altitudinal Gradient. 6 months.

2017       Katarina Radisavljevic (BSc student, internship) Keeping Dikerogammarus villosus alive and more. 2 months.

2017       Mischa Heijselaar (MSc student, internship) Mechanistically linking acute & chronic heat tolerance in aquatic invertebrates (Dikerogammarus villosus & Echinogammarus trichiatus). 6 months.

2016       Florian Lanstra (MSc student, internship) Growth and development in fluctuating and constant water temperatures. 6 months.

2016       Laurie Rijsdijk (MSc student, essay) Can two commonly-used growth models give a good general explanation for the temperature-size rule in aquatic ectotherms? 1 month.

2015       Naomi Thunnissen (BSc student, internship) Individual variation in growth and scope for growth. 2 months.

2015       Richard van Sambeek (BSc student, internship) Oxygen effects on acute and chronic thermal tolerance. 2 months.

2015       Carlijn Lammers (BSc student, internship) Respiratie in Dikerogammarus villosus. 2 months.

2015       Lotte van den Heuvel (BSc student, internship) Adaptatie van ongewervelden aan intensief slootonderhoud. 2 months.

2014       Friederieke Gabel (Postdoc, University of Münster) Thermal tolerance of native and non-native crustaceans. 2 months.

2014       Marlies Gräwe (MSc student, essay) The influence of phylogeny on trait interrelationships in Odonata.1 month.

2014       Laurie Rijsdijk (MSc student, internship) Temperature, pO2 and growth of Lymnaea stagnalis. 6 months.

2014       Remon Koopman (MSc student, internship) The effects of oxygen on the thermal tolerance of aquatic gastropods. 9 months.

2014       Frank Collas (MSc student, internship) Simultaneous oxygen consumption measurements in air and water. 9 months.

2014       Remon Koopman (MSc student, essay) Thermal tolerance in insects: The effects of methodology and ecology. 1 month.

2014       Frank Collas (MSc student, essay) Metabolic scaling in molluscs: universal or temperature dependent?  1 month.

2013       Robin Hoogenboom (MSc student, internship) Ecophysiology of gammarid amphipod. 6 months.

2013       Evelyn van der Ent (co-supervisior, MSc student at Plymouth University) Ecophysiology of Littorina littorea. 6 months.

2013       Jasper Bunschoten (BSc student, internship) De Temperature-Size Rule en de embryonale ontwikkeling  van Asellus aquaticus (L.) 2 months.

2013       Pim Vingerhoets (student HAS hogeschool, internship) Zuurstoflimitatie in de gewone poelslak (Lymnaea stagnalis). 6 months.