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Environmental Policy Objectives Department of Animal Ecology and Physiology.

In the context of the Environmental Policy targets 2014-2017 of Radboud University Nijmegen the department adheres the theme “Common Sustainability” with the following aims and actions:

1. Decreasing electricity consumption of research equipment. (Target: -5% per year.)

  • Shut down machines if not in use; put off the light in rooms not in use.
  • When replacing electric equipment and lights check energy labels (preferably A+/A++ labels).

2. Decreasing electricity consumption by computers. (Target: -5% per year.)

  • PC’s at least in ‘Sleep’, better shut down when not in use.
  • When buying new PC’s check for energy saving components.

3. Concentrate attention on sorted waste disposal.

  • Chemicals in line with directives and environmental guidelines.
  • Sorted disposal of plastics.
  • Sorted disposal of paper and cardboard.
  • Sorted disposal of glass and glassware.

4. Careful efficient planning of experiments to reduce consumables, chemicals and waste volume in general.

5. Reduce printing as much as possible; use digital documents where/when possible, use pdf-formatting, consider using double-sided printing and use (unused sides of) scrap paper and environmentally friendly paper products. (Target: -10% per year.)