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From 4 November 2020, CAOS will move from the Spinoza building to the new Montessori building. Due to corona measures and the incomplete completion of the new building, it will be impossible for staff and students to work in any way at the new location until at least 1 January 2021. Until further notice, every contact takes place via computer and internet.

Students will achieve a multidisciplinary perspective on the most relevant local and global issues regarding solidarity, with specific focus on cultural diversity and citizenship; climate change and natural resources; and international solidarity and social movements.

In the Master's in Anthropology and Development Studies you study current dilemmas related to solidarity, and examine how solidarity is shaped and negotiated not only in the context of nation-states, but also across borders and at a global level.

Dona Ismaili

"The study takes place in the midst of a tight-knit community of aspiring academics".

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