Publications 2018

  1. Increased performance of thin-film GaAs solar cells by rear contact/mirror patterning
    N. Gruginskie, S.C.W. van Laar, G.J. Bauhuis, P. Mulder, M. van Eerden, E. Vlieg, J.J. Schermer
    Thin Solid Films 660 (2018) 10-18

  2. Influence of laterally split spectral illumination on multi-junction CPV solar cell performance
    L.A.A. Bunthof, E.J. Haverkamp, D. van der Woude, G.J. Bauhuis, W.H.M. Corbeek, S. Veelenturf, E. Vlieg, J.J. Schermer
    Solar Energy 170 (2018) 86-94

  3. Light-trapping enhanced thin-film III-V quantum dot solar cells fabricated by epitaxial lift-off
    F. Cappelluti, D. Kim, M. van Eerden, A.P. Cédola, T. Aho, G. Bissels, F. Elsehrawy, J. Wu, H. Liu, P. Mulder, G.J. Bauhuis, J.J. Schermer, T. Niemi , M. Guina
    Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 181 (2018) 83-92

  4. Partially shaded III-V concentrator solar cell performance
    L.A.A. Bunthof, S. Veelenturf, E.J. Haverkamp, W.H.M. Corbeek, D. van der Woude, G.J. Bauhuis, P. Mulder, E. Vlieg , J.J. Schermer
    Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 179 (2018), 231-240

  5. Are the spectroradiometers used by the PV community ready to accurately measure the classification of solar simulators in a broader wavelength range?
    G. Belluardo, R. Galleano, W. Zaaiman, M. Pravettoni, M. Halwachs, R. Fucci, A. Drobisch, M. Friederichs, E.J. Haverkamp, A. Phinikarides, G. Friesen
    Solar Energy 173 (2018) 558–565

  6. Four-terminal perovskite/silicon multijunction solar modules
    M. Jaysankar,  W. M. Qiu, M. van Eerden, T. Aernouts, R. Gehlhaar, M. Debucquoy, U.W. Paetzold, J. Poortmans
    Advanced Energy Materials 7 (2018) 1-8