Publications 2020

  1. Electron radiation–induced degradation of GaAs solar cells with different architectures
    N. Gruginskie, F. Cappelluti, G.J.  Bauhuis, P. Mulder, E.J. Haverkamp, E. Vlieg, J.J. Schermer
    Progress in Photovoltaics Research and Applications 28 (2020) 266-278

  2. Observation and implications of the Franz-Keldysh effect in ultrathin GaAs solar cells
    M. van Eerden, J. van Gastel, G.J. Bauhuis, P. Mulder, E. Vlieg, J.J. Schermer
    Progress in Photovoltics Research and Applications 28 (2020) 779-787

  3. Complex Geometric Structure of a Simple Solid-Liquid Interface: GaN(0001)-Ga.
    A.E.F. de Jong, V. Vonk, M. Bockowski, I. Grzegory, V. Honkimaki, E. Vlieg
    Physical Review Letters 124 (2020) 086101