Author M.G.R. van Eerden (Maarten)
Title: Ultra-Thin Gallium Arsenide Solar Cells Light Trapping, Photon Recycling and the Franz-Keldysh Effect
Date: May 16th 2022

Author Natasha Gruginskie
Title: Thin-Film III-V Solar Cells Photon Recycling and Space Application Testing
Date: January 27th 2020

Author Leon Bunthof (van Sandwijk)
Title: Building-Integrated Concentrated Photovoltaics effects of inhomogeneous illumination
Date March 16th 2018

Author: Linda van leest
Title: High efficiency thin-film solar cells for space applications: challenges and opportunities
Date: April 5th 2017

Author: Jon Feenstra
Title: Transferred thin-Film PV Applications
Date: October 4th 2016

Author: Aryan de Jong
Title: Ordering at the GaN–Ga solid-liquid interface
Date: September 29th 2016

Author: G.M.M.W. Bissels
Title: Solar Cell Resistances Determination and Optimisation
Date: May 12th 2014

Author: Gerbe van Dreumel
Title: GaN on Diamond: A Hot Combination?
Date: October 25th 2011

Author: Hina Ashraf
Title: Development of HVPE process for bulk-like growth of GaN
Date: July 6th 2010

Author: Tim Bohnen
Title: Hydide vapor phase epitaxy growth of GaN, InGaN, Scn, and ScAIN
Date: June 1th 2010

Author: Joop van Deelen
Title: III-V compound solar cells: Material studies and development of thin-film and tandem cells
Date: April 14th 2008

Author: Mariusz Rudzinski
Title: GaN grown on SiC by MOCVD: Material for HEMT applications
Date: April 22nd 2008

Author: Ton van Niftrik
Title: The epitaxial lift-off method: III/V materials and HF etch process's
Date: Januari 23th 2008

Author: Corina Dam
Title: Experimental and numerical aspects of GaN growth by HVPE
Date: October 24th 2006.

Author: Andrzej Grzegorczyk
Titlr: GaN grown on sapphire by MOCVD - Material for HEMT structures
Date: April 5th 2006.

Author: Lukasz Macht
Title: Extended defects in GaN: Selective etching and optical properties
Date: September 26th 2005.

Author: Maarten Voncken
Title: The epitaxial loft-off process; parameter studies and solar cell application
Date: September 9th  2004.

Author: John Schermer
Title: Flame deposition of diamond – a brilliant growth technique
Date: May 21th 2003.

Author: Mona Moret
Title: Preparation and properties of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 films grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Date: December 12th 2002.

Author: Victoria Kirilyuk
Title: Optical characterization of Gallium Nitride
Date: March 25th 2002.

Author: Andy Zauner
Title: Homo- and hetero-epitaxial growth of gallium nitride by metalorganic chemical vapour depostion
Date: March 21th 2001.

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