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Africa Millimetre Telescope

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Africa Millimetre Telescope

The first ever picture of a black hole was a ground breaking scientific acomplishment. However, to secure long-term future science observations, a crucial piece is missing: a millimetre-wave radio telescope in Africa. Astronomers from Radboud University have teamed up with the University of Namibia to realize such a telescope: the Africa Millimetre Telescope.

Social impact

This telescope is not only an essential link in the world class research on black holes. In addition, the project team tries to make sure it stimulates socail and economic development in Namibia by donating 80% of the observing time, setting up an education and outreach programme and trying to boost innovation in Namibia.

The telescope

The AMT is a 15m radio telescope that will be located on the Gamsberg in Namibia. The telescope is currently located in Chili, where it will be dismantled, upgraded and shipped to Namibia. Construction on the Gamsberg will be done by a team of trained Namibians.

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