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How to help

Our Mobile Planetarium Programme will spearhead the developments in Namibia. Help us to inspire thousands of children in Namibia and to expand their horizons. We need € 25.000 to purchase the mobile planetarium. Please donate here. Every contribution is welcome.

In addition, we are looking for supporters. People who are taken by the project, enthusiastic and willing to support us in one way or the other. For instance by opening up networks, introducing us to critical stakeholders or by advising us on local questions. And of course by contributing to the project, either in kind or with a donation.

Possible in kind contributions: shipping of the telescope,  transportation of the telescope to and onto the mountain, vehicles (both for materials as people), cherry pickers, prefab buildings, solar panels, wind turbines, building materials, concrete (a lot!), fencing, computers, labour force (construction workers, engineers), data link, flight tickets, etc.

For the remaining part we’re contacting business, philanthropists and funding agencies. In return for participation, donors can obtain naming rights and the privilege of participating in the development of a state-of-the-art instrument for ground-breaking science, participate in the further social, technological and economic development of Namibia, but above all, you will be part of a fantastic adventure. You will meet a team of creative and ultra-motivated astronomers with whom you will share an unforgettable journey of discovery through the universe. You will be closely involved in a project in which cutting-edge science, where government and industry join forces to deliver a unique performance.

Please contact Marjolijn Vermeulen, AMT Programme Manager, if you would like to help!