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The AMT and African Science

The AMT team strives to make as much of a positive social and economical impact on Namibia as possible. It is of course a gateway for Namibian astronomers to the world class science that is being undertaken within the  EHT project. But there are more opportunities, as the AMT will have a large fraction of its observing time available for Namibian astronomers. The AMT project will have a dedicated training network and exchange program for Namibian scientist, and for the construction and maintenance of the AMT a significant contribution is foreseen from Namibian partners. To train and engage the next generation of engineers and scientist the AMT project is implementing an education and outreach program with dedicated Namibian partners which involves a mobile planetarium. And the AMT is a high-profile project that can serve as a show case for innovation and expertise for Namibian industry and generate  industrial spin-offs in different fields.

Hence, the AMT will have a significant global scientific and regional societal impact. For this reason, the whole AMT project is co-lead by teams in Netherlands and Namibia.


CNN has noticed our project! For their show “Inside Africa” they made a special  about astronomy in southern Africa. The Africa Millimetre Telescope passes extensively. They also followed our expert, Jaap Vreeling (NOVA) when he, together with our partners from UNAM and Rössing Foundation, tested a mobile planetarium at the Goreangab Junior Secondary School in Namibia.

You can see the item they made here (from 16.20 it will be about the AMT and from 20.00 it will be about the mobile planetarium). You can find the article they wrote here.