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Education and Outreach

mobile planetarium at unam

Both for the future of the AMT and the benefit for Namibia, a dedicated education and outreach programme is vital. We need to ensure that in the future sufficient young people get educated in science and engineering so Namibia can make full use of the scientific potential of the AMT and is able to operate and maintain it themselves. The combination of exciting astronomy projects and Namibia’s dark skies is a uniquely suitable to inspire and motivate the next generation of Namibian scientist and engineers. This requires a clearly visible and high impact education and outreach program to reach a large audience and in particular children at a young age.

Ample experience both in the Netherlands and abroad has learned us that you have to start at a young age to enthuse children for science and technology and you have to follow that up throughout their school career and involve their surroundings. The goal should be not only to motivate and inspire young students to pursue a career in science or engineering, but also to make the general audience aware and proud of their Namibian scientists and engineers.

Together with experienced parties in Namibia we’re developing such an education & outreach program related to the AMT (and potentially other initiatives such as HESS, SKA). Key elements include: