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Educational Material

In order for the mobile planetarium programme to have a long lasting effect, educational material is needed that can be handed over to the schools that have been visited and trained. Teachers can use these materials in their teachers throughout the year, following up on the images the learners were exposed to in the mobile planetarium. This will create a durable effect in the lives of the children.

educatief materiaal 1

Both in the Netherlands as international a lot interesting educational material has been developed already. Plan is to tailor that so it fits in the Namibia curriculum and teachers can use it easily.

To  enhance effectiveness of the teaching materials, they will be:

  • Telling the story about the AMT and astronomy in Namibia;
  • In sync with the Namibian curriculum;
  • Integrated in existing subjects;
  • Easily transferrable and ready to use;
  • Engaging, challenging;
  • Low costs and sturdy;
  • Incorporating Namibia’s diversity of religious beliefs, cultures and ethnicity;