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Mobile Planetarium Programme


To inspire a future generation of Namibian scientists and engineers, the AMT team wants to bring a mobile planetarium to Namibia. This planetarium will travel to schools and train both teachers and learners about the wonders of the universe. A proven concept, both in the Netherlands as during a short test in Namibia in March 2019 (see picture).

Mobile Planetarium

A mobile planetarium is an inflatable dome. On the inside of the dome, interactive images of the night sky and can be projected. One can look at the Earth, the moon, sun and planets, but also zoom out to see other stars, galaxies and other interesting phenomena. It can easily be adapted to fit the age,  knowledge and interests of the audience, which makes it an ideal tool for the usage in schools. The dome is large enough to fit a whole class, has its own power supply and is suitable for in- and outdoor locations.


Reaching all schools in Namibia

A Dutch expert, Jaap Vreeling from NOVA will set up the mobile planetarium programme in Namibia, just as he has done in the Netherlands. The ambitious target is to reach all schools in Namibia. The planetarium will stay for a week at each school, to make sure there is ample time to not only take the children on a journey through the universe, but to also train the teachers. So they can keep on inspiring their learners throughout the year, thus enlarging the impact of the programme. They will recieve adequete educational material for this purpose.


On of the partners in this programme is NOVA, who have ample experience with educational and outreach activities in the Netherlands, including the use of mobile planetaria. In Namibia, besides the University of Namibia, the Rössing Foundation is an important partner. They have over 40 years experience with the support of education in Namibia and over 5 years with the use of a mobile lab for English, Mathematics and Sciences.

Help needed

A large part of the neccesary budget has alreay been secured, the expertise and infrastructure are in place and the Dutch expert plans to leave for Namibia in August 2020. But a very important element is still missing: the dome and beamer, for which 25k€ is needed. You can contribute here, every amount is most welcome. Together we can make this happen!