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In Namibia in particular support is solicited through participation of key persons/ national leaders in the country active in domains such as the public sector, the business sector, but also familiar with dynamics in the legal, socio-economic and environmental domain. There are several individuals who have taken in interested in the project and have offered their support. We call them the AMT Ambassadors. Their role is:

  • to give advice, guidance and inspiration to the AMT management team on certain issues;
  • to spread the word about the AMT project and link the team to new contacts interested in the project;
  • to share thoughts with us whenever they feel this is needed.

vice-presidentThe AMT Team with the Vice-President of Namibia, H.E. Nangolo Mbumba

speaker parliament The AMT Team with the Speaker of the National Assembly of Namibia, Hon. Prof. Peter Katjavivi