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Education& Outreach Partners

For the capacity building in the project, we heavily rely on outside expertise. Besides both Namibian Universities and Government, the most important partners are:

  • The Rössing Foundation is the most important partner in our mobile planetarium programme. It was established in 1978 by Rössing Uranium Limited to implement and facilitate corporate social responsibility activities within the communities of Namibia. The Rössing Foundation has been working in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture since Namibia’s independence in 1990. The partnership encompasses activities such as strengthening the capacity of teachers and learners, building leadership and management programmes, sharing resources and exchanging expertise between the partners. To this end, the Rössing Foundation has built and operates three state-of-the-art education centres. In addition to these three centres, the Rössing Foundation operates a Mobile Laboratory, a vehicle fully equipped with the necessary materials and equipment benefiting the Namibian curricula in the subjects of the English language, Mathematics and the Sciences.
  • The Netherlands Research School for Astronomy (NOVA)is supporting the AMT project firstly through the NOVA Information Center (NIC) in the development of an educational and outreach program for a dedicated AMT mobile planetarium programme. Secondly, NOVA has agreed to fund the project management and system engineering activities up to the PDR. It is expected that more funding is released via NOVA for the delivery of receivers for the AMT.