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Budget and funding

Experience shows that the funding of such a telescope via conventional (inter)national science funding could take up to a decade, well past the end of operations of the Event Horizon Telescope. So while funding for the initial studies necessary for building the AMT is covered by scientific grants, further donations and private funds are sought to realize the construction of the telescope within the needed timeframe.

The estimated break-down of cost is as follows:

  • Project initiation & management: 2,6 M€ (preparatory studies, telescope design, project planning and coordination, fundraising, travels etc.)
  • Getting the Telescope to Namibia: 6,4 M€ (acquiring the telescope, breaking it down, shipping it to the Gamsberg and upgrading it)
  • Scientific instrumentation: 1,6 M€ (making sure the telescope functions and has all the necessary instruments)
  • Local infrastructure: 5 M€ (road upgrade, housing, power supply, network connection, foundation for the telescope, data center)
  • Construction of the telescope: 1,3 M€ (building the telescope on the Gamsberg and fine tuning all equipment)
  • Education & outreach: 1,2 M€ (mobile planetarium, educational material, staff, scholarships etc)
  • Operation & maintenance for 5 years: 3,3 M€

Which makes a total budget of 21,3 M€. Already 26% of that budget is covered by both Universities, the donation of the telescope by the European Southern Observatory (ESO; 3,5M€) and a contribution from The Dutch Research School for Astronomy (NOVA; 450k€).

For the remaining part we’re contacting business, philanthropists and funding agencies.