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In June of 2019, the project passed the Preliminary Design Review. This means that a panel of international experts has reviewed the technical design of the telescope, the requirements, the plans for development and testing and found it to form a satisfactory basis to proceeding into detailed design.

The project is now working towards the Critical Design Review (CDR) at the end of 2020 with the detailed design of the AMT and everything else that is needed such as the upgrade of the road, the necessary infrastructure on the mountain, but also the government of the telescope, operation and maintenance plans etc. We hope to conclude this phase with a successful CDR, after which the actual building phase can start. The actual start of the building phase depends on the acquirement of the necessary funds.

After the CDR there are basically two separate tracks, the telescope upgrade and the road and infrastructure activities which run in parallel until the moment that the telescope parts are transported to the mountain;

The telescope Assembly, Integration and Verification can be done in about 3 years after the CDR and from that point on most activities are run in series;

The AMT first light and commissioning is now scheduled for the end of 2024, about 4 years following the CDR, and the final review for operational readiness is expected half 2025 which would mark the start of the operational phase of the AMT;

Planning for the education and outreach  part of the AMT is to start with the Mobile Planetarium Programme in September 2020. The other parts will follow from 2021.