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Event Horizon Telescope

The Event Horizon Telescope is a mm- network of existing (and up-coming) mm-wavelength telescopes spread across several continents to form a virtual telescope the size of the Earth using VLBI. The possibility of this telescope was first presented in a paper by Falcke et al. (2000). Radboud University professor Falcke is the current president of the scientific council of the EHT Consortium. The EHT network consists of existing mm-wave radio telescopes on high and dry places around the globe:


The EHT includes mm-telescopes in Europe (IRAM Pico Veleta, NOEMA), USA (JCMT/SMASMTKPNO), Mexico (LMT), South America (APEXALMA), and South Pole.

The EHT Consortium is formed by world leading institutions, including:

The European part of the EHT is formed by the BlackholeCam project