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Monika Mościbrodzka - New Simons Emmy Noether Fellow

Date of news: 11 March 2019

The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics has announced the 2019/20 Simons Emmy Noether Fellows and Monika Mościbrodzka is one of them.

moscibrodzkaMonika Mościbrodzka is an assistant professor in the Department of Astrophysics at Radboud University who works on imaging the event horizons of black holes, strong gravity, accretion physics, and numerical methods in physics and astrophysics. She has done extensive work in theoretical black hole physics modelling, incorporating multiwavelength observations of black holes and their environments into her research. While at Perimeter, Monika (who is a member of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration) plans to analyze data from the EHT, develop a framework for comparing theoretical predictions to observational polarimetric data, and constrain magnetized plasma models around supermassive black holes.

Selected papers by Monika Mościbrodzka are:
IPOLE – Semianalytic scheme for relativistic polarized radiative transport
Faraday rotation in GRMHD simulations of the jet launching zone of M87
General relativistic magnetohydrodynamical simulations of the jet in M87
Radiative models of Sgr A* from GRMHD simulations

The Simons Emmy Noether Fellows Program at Perimeter honours the legacy of Emmy Noether, a brilliant scientist who made indelible contributions to the landscape of physics and mathematics.

The fellowships support early- to mid-career women researchers by enabling them to visit Perimeter for extended periods, where they can enjoy uninterrupted research time, forge fruitful new collaborations, and accelerate their scientific careers. To ensure the Fellows have ample opportunity to make the most of their scientific stay, the fellowships also offer logistical support by arranging teaching buyouts with home institutions, providing nearby accommodation, and arranging childcare.

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