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Master courses

The Master specialisation Particle and Astrophysicis consists of a number of courses that are compulsory for all (astro)physics students and a number of courses that are specific to the astrophysics track. The latter are described here.

Please note that all course are taught in English, unless no non-Dutch speaking student is present. These are the courses taught in 2020/2021:

Semester 1

Semester 2

Advanced Stellar and
Binary Evolution

dr. Onno Pols

Formation and Evolution of Galaxies

dr. Elmar Körding 
dr. Søren Larsen

Black Holes and Accretion

prof. Peter Jonker

dr. Monika Mościbrodzka

Astroparticle Physics

prof. Jörg Hörandel

Compact Binaries and Gravitational Wave Sources

prof. Gijs Nelemans 

dr. Gemma Janssen

Astronomical Instrumentation and Data Analysis

prof. Paul Groot