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Master theses Astrophysics

This page lists the Master theses completed at the Astrophysics department, by students who started their Master project in 2018 or later. 
If your thesis should be on this list, please contact the secretary: secr@astro.ru.nl, mentioning your thesis title and completion date.


Kai Hendriks
The Gravitational Wave Toolbox: modelling electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources
August 2021

Giliam van Gurp
On the proof of an origin for the dynamically chaotic Centaur asteroids
February 2020

Jesse Vos
Simulating variability and time-lags of Sagittarius A*
December 2020

Abha Khakurdikar
Interpolation of Radio Pulses in Extensive Air Showers
October 2020

Michelle Wassink
On the remnants of common envelope donors
October 2020

Sofia Anthanasiadou
Neutrino production in obscured Active Galactic Nuclei
October 2020

Jacco Terwel
Supermassive Black Hole Mass Estimation of suspected TDE hosts
September 2020

Thomas Wijte
Single star approximations in stellar population synthesis
July 2020

Danielle Pieterse
Characterisation of the wide-field optical telescope MeerLICHT
February 2020

Anastasia Shlentsova
Imaging the event horizon of M87* from space on different timescales
January 2020

Rutger Jaspers
Correlating Interstellar Medium Tracers with LOFAR Polarimetry Data
January 2020

Ilse Plaisier
A new parametrization for the radio emission of air showers as predicted by CoREAS and applied to LOFAR data
September 2019

Craig Yanitski
Tidal dissipation in red-giant binaries
August 2019

Anne Inkenhaag
Supernovae in Binaries as an Explanation for the Galactic Neutron Star Kick Velocity Distribution
August 2019

Olivier Boersma
The Gravitational Wave Memory Effect
August 2019

Jeffrey van Gucht
Deep Horizon; a machine learning network that recovers accreting black hole parameters
August 2019

Luc IJspeert 
Making and Analysing Simulated Images of Globular Clusters for MICADO @ ELT
July 2019

Bob Jacobs
Modeling the dynamical optical sky to facilitate searches for kilonovae
June 2019

Patrick Willemsen
Changes in the integrated light spectra of evolved star clusters due to mixing
July 2019

Niek Gerven
Star clusters in 30 Doradus: Photometry and age estimation
June 2019

Hielke van Breukelen
Photometry of globular clusters in the spiral NGC 1309
June 2019

Maaike Pierik
Imaging JVLA data from HII regions and high-mass protostellar jets
February 2019