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Anne Inkenhaag wins the third IMAPP PhD Award for Scientific Communication

Date of news: 14 February 2023

The third edition of the IMAPP PhD Award for Scientific Communication saw four excellent talks from 3rd and 4th year PhD students who presented their research: Jesse Daas, Anne Inkenhaag, Mostafa Meliani, and Laurens Sluijterman. It was really a pleasure to see how much effort PhD students put into designing a talk for non-experts that was at the same time understandable and able to explain the topic of their investigations.

We got to know how much 'The Environments are important' when investigating the universe thanks to Anne's fantastic presentation, who took us in a journey through the wonders of transients. Her talk was evaluated the best among the four, but it was a tough job for the committee (made by a member from each department).

slide foto Anne

As the winner of the third IMAPP PhD Award for Scientific Communication, Anne will be awarded a €750 cash prize and she'll have the honor to give a talk during the the IMAPP Symposyum.
Therefore, don't worry, you'll get the change to hear everything you always wanted to know about transients (but were afraid to ask) later this semester.

An honorable mention goes to Mostafa Meliani, who presented his work on fractional derivatives and wave equations.

The IMAPP PhD Award for Scientific Communication has the crucial role to foster, among young generations, the importance of communicating science to non-experts: a duty of each of us scientists and mathematicians. A duty that is not only aimed at spreading the beauty of our investigations, but that serves the social task of building public confidence in science.

We are therefore looking forward to listening to Anne's presentation during the IMAPP Symposyum, and to all of the talks of PhD students in the future editions of the IMAPP PhD Award for Scientific Communication.