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Astronomy club Radboud

Sterrenkundeclub Radboud (Astronomy club Radboud) is an initiative by
PhD student Thomas Bronzwaer and Alex van Haren, supplemented by PhD
student drs. ir. Christiaan Brinkerink.

Lectures are organized (only in Dutch) about 10 times per school year
for young people with a fascination for astronomy and physics /
mathematics. And that starts at a young age. There is no minimum age,
but given the fairly mature approach, 9 years is an appropriate lower
limit. Exceptions occur, but during a 2-hour lecture, you really have to
be able to keep your attention. The majority of those present are VWO
students with math/physics in their study program. A good dose of basic
knowledge is useful. At the end of the day, everyone who dares to try a
lecture at this level is welcome.


There are special lectures on black holes, interstellar travel,
gravitational waves, exoplanets, the Copernican revolution, antimatter,
the Higgs particle, the theory of relativity, stellar evolution, binary
stars, astrobiology, quantum mechanics, dark matter, dark energy, and
much more.

The speakers are professors, postdoc researchers, and PhD students from
our Astronomy department and from other universities and research

See the website of Astronomy club Radboud for more background information.

Additional information

  • The lectures start at 1:30 PM and last until approximately 3:30 PM.
  • The content is intended for high school students and smart "plus children" (from 9 years and older) who already have a good dose of basic knowledge.
  • The lectures are in Dutch, of an adult level and partly given to Bachelor and even Master students as well.
  • Parents, teachers and others, who simply like the topics, are very welcome.
  • Admission is € 5 per person and registration starts at 1 PM.
  • Young people who want to attend more often can get a certificate during the last lecture. They must register via the website. They also receive occasional updates about the program and more.
  • The address is: Huygens Building, Radboud University, Heijendaalseweg 135, Nijmegen.
  • Parking is free under and behind the building, check the website for further route instructions.