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Astronomy Evenings at Radboud University

The department of astophysics organises two events on a monthly basis. The "Open Stargazing Evenings" take place on the last Friday of the month, from September till March. The "Online Astronomy Evenings" are held on the first Fridays of the months February, March, and April.

General information about the Open Stargazing Evenings

The dates for the 2023-2024 season of the open stargazing evenings are:

  • 29 September  (19h30 - 21h30)
  • 27 October       (19h00 - 21h00)
  • 24 November   (19h00 - 21h00)
  • 26 January     (19h00 - 21h00)
  • 23 February  (19h00 - 21h00)
  • 22 March       (19h30 - 21h30)

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Programme for a typical stargazing evening:

  • Visits to the telescopes, guided by volunteers from Astronomische Kring Nijmegen
  • A science talk by an astronomer
  • A Q&A panel where astronomers will discuss recent astronomy news with plenty of time to ask questions
  • Great opportunity to talk to professional astronomers

Practical information:

  • Telescope tours start at 19:00 and run until 22:00, with the last group departing at 21:00 (except for September and March, when tours start at 19:30)
  • Free entrance, first-come first-served. On clear evenings our telescope tours are sometimes fully booked!
  • Location: At the entrance of Huygensgebouw, Radboud University, Heijendaalseweg 135, Nijmegen
  • Parking: under the Huygens building. The entrance is located at Toernooiveld 209.
  • For more information, please contact the secretariat of the Astrophysics department at +31 24 365 2804.

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Telescopes at Radboud University

refractor_1The department of Astrophysics at the Radboud University in Nijmegen has two optical telescopes and two radio telescopes. They are located on the roof of the Huygensbuilding.

Please visit this page for more information.