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RRL Student Team


Challenge yourself and join the Radboud Radio Lab (RRL) student team!RRL student projects offer many opportunities for you to put your theoretical knowledge in practice. You can use your physics background and your mathematical insights to confront complex engineering situations and come up with creative solutions.

During the projects, you will collaborate with other students to make real systems work. In these collaborations, you can learn from each other and make connections that could prove useful in the rest of your studies. You will find out about how different disciplines connect to each other, which will inspire you about the various ways in which you can use your expertise as an (astro)physicist or mathematician.

Taking part of the RRL student team will help your CV stand out, as practical experience is highly valued. Not only are there opportunities for getting hands-on experience, being part of the team will also help you develop your soft skills, such as planning, communication, presentation, project management and outreach. In short, whether you want to finally get your hands dirty, boost your software development skills or simply want to experience what it is like to work with students from different backgrounds, the RRL student team is the place for you.