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The BSI management is supported by several committees:

Science Committee

The BSI Science Committee advises the BSI director on scientific policy with respect to content as well as strategy. The Science Committee advises the director on the quality of submitted research proposals for PhD projects (direct funding, external PhDs, and projects financed through grants and private institutions), and provides feedback on proposals of BSI staff before they are submitted to grant funding agencies.


  • Maartje Luijten (chair, maartje.luijten2@ru.nl)
  • Yannick Griep
  • Marjolijn van Weerdenburg
  • Floris Klumpers
  • Yvonne van den Berg
  • Gabi Schaap
  • Gijs Bijlstra

For procedures and forms click to the following pages.

PhD Platform

The PhD Platform serves as the voice of all BSI PhD students; as the PhD representatives they collaborate with the BSI management and the PhD Organization Nijmegen (PON) to improve the work life of PhD students. For example, together with the BSI management the PhD Platform is currently working on professionalization of the supervision, and on expanding the alumni network. Moreover, PhD Platform aims to bring all PhD students from the BSI closer together by organizing BSI wide events for PhD students.


  • Yingjie Li
  • Kirsten van Hooijdonk
  • Hannah Peetz
  • Joël Hendrix
  • Jessica Vergeer
  • Joppe Klein Breteler
  • Rob Bulterman (chair, phdplatform@bsi.ru.nl)

Colloquium Committee

The colloquium committee supports the organisation of BSI colloquia, workshops, and symposia. The committee invites contributions that support the PhD and MSc programmes of the BSI Graduate School and enhance (inter)national collaboration with researchers outside of the BSI.

For upcoming workshops and colloquia, please see the Events.


  • Jacobien van Peer (chair, j.vanpeer@bsi.ru.nl)
  • Madelon Hendrics-Riem
  • Jessica Lust
  • Brigitte Claessens
  • Barbara Muller
  • David Renjaän
  • Jasper de Groot

Lab Committee

The Lab Committee advises the BSI director concerning all equipment purchases and investments, such as lab facilities and software applications. Furthermore, the Lab Committee is responsible for the smooth operation of the BSI lab.


  • Hein van Schie (BCW, chair, hein.vanschie@ru.nl)
  • Mike Rinck (EPT)
  • Tessa Lansu (SD)
  • Anne van Hoogmoed (LP)
  • Lisa Loheide-Niesmann (DP)
  • Krisna Adiasto (WHP)
  • Iris van Ooijen (CM; will be replaced by Aart van Stekelenburg from Jan.-May, 2022)
  • Pascal de Water (TSG)
  • Ronny Janssen (BSI)
  • Rob Gommans (BSI)
  • Sander Berends (BSI)