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PhD Thesis Cover

The Behavioural Science Institute has a very nice standard layout for the cover of its PhD theses. BSI PhD students are obliged to use the BSI layout. If you think you have strong reasons not to use the BSI layout then please contact Ralph Jaspers before your start the layout your thesis. As you can see below the layout consists of a small element on the front, a standard font and standard tekst (BSI and year of thesis defence) on the spine, and a large element on the back. In the large magnifying glass on the back there is also room for other logos. As you can see there is ample space for your own design.


Please read the manual carefully before your start!

There are two templates available (for PhD students that do their own layout and use Ridderprint (zip, 1,1 MB) or Ipskamp (zip, 1,1 MB)). If you have your layout created by a designer, please send the manual and the templates to the designer.

If you have questions, if you will use another publisher then Ipskamp/Ridderprint, or if you or your desiger has trouble working with the templates, please contact the BSI Office (secr@bsi.ru.nl). Please note that PhD students that do not use the BSI thesis cover will not get the financial compensation for their print costs, unless the BSI has decided otherwise.