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Covid-19 and Perinatal Experiences (COPE)


Stefania Vacaru (post-doc Radboudumc), Loes van den Heuvel (onderzoeksassistent Radboud U), Carolina de Weerth (Radboudumc), Marion van den Heuvel (Tilburg U), Hedwig van Bakel (Tilburg U), Mariëlle Cloin (Tranzo).


Parents during the perinatal period are suggested to be especially vulnerable during large crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we know very little about what parents (to-be) need to withstand such difficult circumstances in a resilient manner and with no negative effects on their offspring. Our project will
identify key factors that boost resilience and improve mental health in women and men exposed to the Covid-19 crisis during the preconception, pregnancy, and postnatal periods. These key factors range from factors on a worldwide level (e.g. international lockdown strategies), to a national level (e.g. perinatal
healthcare changes), to an individual level (e.g. coping strategies). Moreover, our project will also determine whether and how these key factors relate to birth outcome and infant health. We were able to collect real time online questionnaire data at the peak of the Dutch Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown (N=>2200), and we are now following these parents and their infants. We were also able to collect physiological samples from a subcohort of women (N=100).

Contact Information

Roseriet Beijers, r.beijers@psych.ru.nl