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Brown Bag lunch meeting BCW dr. Kris Bevelander (RadboudUMC) (Colloquium)

Thursday 23 March 2023Add to my calendar
12:20 to
MM 1.620
Sandra Klaperski-van der Wal
dr. Kris Bevelander (RadboudUMC)
Citizen Science for Health

Citizen Science (CS) is a key element in the transition to Open Science among universities and seen as a way to create impact. In CS-projects, non-academics conduct scientific research. In practice, CS-projects are expert-driven and citizens are merely used as advisors or an extension of researchers to collect data. In this talk, Kris will give an introduction to Citizen Science for health related research and we will discuss possibilities to apply Citizen Science in your research projects.
Dr. ir. Kris Bevelander is junior Principal Investigator ‘Citizen Science for Health’ at Radboudumc. She investigates the empowerment of citizens and (citizen) scientists in two tracks: (1) CS4H for meaningful involvement of vulnerable patients and citizens, and (2) CS4H in public and personal health and prevention. The tracks are embedded in her position at two Academic Collaborative Centres, where continuous knowledge utilisation takes place between research, education, policy and practice. In her work, Kris involves citizens with low literacy skills and/or intellectual disabilities in every step of the research cycle or technology design phase and strives for equal and meaningful partnership. She also coordinates the movement ‘Green, Healthy and on the Move’ (‘Groen, gezond en in beweging’) which established the first Dutch Local Prevention Agreement (LPA). Within this movement, Kris is involved in the development of ‘Fieldlabs’, in which citizens, local professionals, researchers and students will cooperate to improve citizen’s health in CS4H-projects.

Sandra Klaperski-van der Wal

This colloquium is part of the Brown Bag Lunch series of the Behaviour Change and Well-Being research program. There is no need to register for this colloquium. For questions, please contact Sandra Klaperski-van der Wal (sandra.klaperski@ru.nl).

Kris Bevelander